Our Mission: “Impacting the lives of youth through the love of Christ.”

Our Vision: “Building authentic relationships with youth through trust and respect in a safe and positive environment.”

Our Purpose: “JOE’s Place is a community setting; it is within this community that transformation happens as life is lived out with caring adults engaging young people in life together. We will provide a safe place for youth to come, be able to learn and engage in a healthy life structure. Within these facilities we will provide them with the tools needed to study, learn, share, serve and play; each having its own place in living life together.”

Our Goal: “To give young people the opportunity to live life together within a caring environment that enables them to gain the needed life lessons and skills that will help them in living a productive life. In doing all this they will be seeing, hearing, and experiencing the love of Jesus through the lives of those who are working and sharing with them.” As a non-denominational faith based organization, we believe, and are guided by Christian values. However, we do not require attendance or conversion to any specific religious belief system in exchange for the help we provide.